Entry #13

Road of a Goddess

2018-01-23 04:32:07 by Matpneumatos


My new game "Road of a Goddess" is now available in it's first version for my $5+ patron at


The game is a 3D action game with RPG elements. I follows the story of a smell group of girls that are the last of an ancient group of sexual warriors known by many as Goddesses, they use their sexuality in combat to achieve a huge amount of power. But they currently face the danger of clans of hunters chasing after them to destroy them in a sort of modern witch-hunt. Jacquelyn and Ana will have to face these obstacles as well as finding a way to earn money after Jacquelyn inherited her family's old farm, and with her friend Ana will try to help their community with their work at the farm.

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2018-01-23 05:21:02

Apart from the part about the farm work this looks pretty interesting! Nice idea for a game.

Matpneumatos responds:

Well, thank you! but the farm work will have a lot of erotic content too, so i hope i can make it more interesting