Entry #9

UWXtudio v0.2 available for my patrons!

2017-02-17 17:40:39 by Matpneumatos

UWXtudio v0.2 is already available to all my $5+ patrons at Patreon!


Some of the new features of the game include

-New filming location- Crania's mansion, take the action to the deck of an underworld mansion with a pool.

-New climax animations-  Make your partners cum! this version includes a climax for three animations, this adds an extra bonus to the cash you earn when you upload a video.

-Balls- Shove some balls up Crania's ass, and then pop them with the space bar

-Change her pubic hair, it includes a few pubic hair styles to add to Crania

-New animations, like footjobs and more poses.

If you're interested in supporting my job you can visit!



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