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Matpneumatos's News

Posted by Matpneumatos - 10 days ago

Hello! this post is to inform you that The UPNv0.8 is already available for my $5+ patrons at my Patreon page



This version includes new features such as

-new poses and animations, specially girl on girl animations.

-new partner, Ponciatus, the pig like demon.

-new sliders to adjust lighting a bit more.

-new look feature, hold the "L" key to make your girl look at your cursor, you can press it again to stop using it. This feature can be used with all animations, but still doesn't work well on some, so more work needs to be done here.

-new camera controls

Scroll wheel to zoom, click the scroll wheel to pan, and right click to rotate the camera.

This controls were made to be easier to use, and to feel more natural.

Also v0.7 is available now for the general public at my patreon page.


Posted by Matpneumatos - 2 weeks ago

Hello everybody! I'm posting to let you know more of the upcoming releases of ROAG and The UPN.

The UPN is planned to be released this Friday for my $5+ patrons and will feature more animations and new anthro partner.


September is just starting and since it is the month of Mexican independence i added a few hairstyles for the girls to celebrate, as well as a new outfit for Jacquelyn that will be available in next version v0.3, that is coming this month for my $5+ patrons. New levels, enemies and sex animations are coming as well. Version 0.2 will also be available to the general public this month.


Also, both releases will implement a new free camera that aims to be easier to use and feel more natural.


Posted by Matpneumatos - May 20th, 2019

Development for version 0.3 of Road of a Goddess has started

Here's a preview of an upcoming feature, a milk pump machine.


More missions and sidequests are on their way!


Posted by Matpneumatos - April 3rd, 2019

Hello! This post is to inform that Road of a Goddess is already available for my $5+ patrons at


Includes new content like a new girl to play, new enemies with new sexual poses, a new plot structure, one level of a main mission, two small sidequests and a lot of new sexual techniques with a new level up system based in sexual experience.


It will be available here eventually but i would still recommend to download the desktop version when that happens, it will be free as well when the public release is available.



Posted by Matpneumatos - March 21st, 2019

Hello everyone! This post is to let you know that ROAG v0.2 is coming this month. I'm aiming for march 29 as a release date.

Road if a Goddess is a 3D adventure game where you take control of a group of girls that train themselves to become sexual warriors. Use a variety of sexual techniques in combat, techniques like the Orgasm wave, Breast milk gun, anal cannon and more while you beat and fuck your enemies in a variety of poses of vaginal and anal sex.

Version 0.2 will be released for my $5+ patrons at patreon, and here after a while as well as the public desktop release.


New Enemies, sex poses, levels and sexual techniques are coming



There's also RPG elements, power up your girls by reaching orgasms with enemies and other characters, by leveling up you can learn new sexual techniques and increase you attack power. You also need money to buy things, you get money by harvesting, selling your girl's milk and more.



This is a game in constant development. And more content and features are coming in future releases, i could also implement ideas you would like to see in the game.

If you like this project please consider supporting me on patreon, that way you get exclusive content for this game and my other games, you also get to play it as soon as it is released.



Posted by Matpneumatos - March 4th, 2019

Hello, version 0.6 of The UPN has been released for my $5+ patrons at my Patreon page. Also version 0.5 is now available to the general public.




This is a list of some of the additions and changes 

-New options for stockings

-A new pair of earrings

-New tattoos for Crania's back

-New poses for the girls with Cerberus and Little Kraken

-A hook in the torture chamber

-Anal insertions (balls and vegetables) can be used regardless of the current animation

-Press F to make Crania release a ghostly fart.

There are a few more additions as well

So if you like my work, please consider supporting me at Patreon, you also get rewards and access to exclusive content in all of my games.


Posted by Matpneumatos - November 21st, 2018

Next version of Road of a Goddess ROAG is coming soon.

Road of a Goddess follows a group of girls that use their sexuality to fuel their bodies with power for fighting, as they stimulate their body the power flows from their pussies to the rest of their bodies. Their power was so great that they were called Goddesses by many. There are many groups that want to destroy them as they see them as a danger to society, which has led to many innocent girls being killed. The most important is a clan of men that call themselves "Hunters" that claim that they already got rid of Witches centuries ago, and they will get rid of Goddesses now for the sake of humanity.

You get to play as Jacquelyn and her friends, all young women and one of the last remaining Goddesses. They want to fight against the evil forces trying to destroy these girls, and at the same time living their daily lives at their peaceful little town.

This version introduces a new girl, her name is Montserrat or Montse for short she's a very competitive girl, impulsive and happy. Her body has developed well and has incredible strength, she prefers to hit with her knees that are as strong as cannonballs and her heels that hit like hammers, she also has a real hammer as a weapon for some of her attacks, so either way she hits very hard, she's capable of destroying boulders and more, so she will be required to make progress in some levels. This time each girl has unique skills, and so you'll need to use them to beat the game.


There are many sexual techniques to learn, some of them are very sexual and some even ridiculous, these techniques need to be unlocked and they are now represented by the icons on the lower left corner. Some skills will include the returning Anal Cannon, and new skills like the Breast Milk Gun, the Butt Slam and more. Each skill now requires some sexual juice that needs to be filled by masturbation or sex with enemies and is represented by the bar right below your health bar.



To get money there will be a couple of jobs, each with a sexual twist, you can for example work at the milk bar using your girl's breast milk. Harvesting is still available but won't be as important as i feel it was a bit boring.

Butt Plugs have now a special power, you can power the gem with your girl's anal energy to unleash energy that varies depending of the color of the gem, red plugs have fire properties, green ones are electric and blue ones have ice properties.

The plot remains the same for now, but the chapters seen in the first version are no longer present, as i want to tell the story in a different way.


There's still no release date, but it should be ready by December.

Of course if you like this project, please consider supporting me on patreon


You get to see updates on the project and get access to exclusive content for this game and my other games, and if you pledge $5 or more you get to play this version as soon as it is available.



Posted by Matpneumatos - November 12th, 2018

Hello, version 0.5 of the UPN is now available at my patreon page for my $5+ patrons, version 0.4 is also available to the general public



New features include new huge dildos with a new set of poses, and more sexual poses and climaxes


Posted by Matpneumatos - August 27th, 2018

The UPN v0.4 is already for my $5+ patrons at my patreon page


This new version comes with a new level The Torture Chamber, watch the girls the torture devices they can even masturbate while tortured. Also a new feature has been added where you can make a girl prolapse whenever you want just by pressing the K key, also some masturbation poses now come with a climax animation where the girl squirts!







Posted by Matpneumatos - August 8th, 2018

Version 0.3 of the UPN is already available at my patreon page for the regular public, you can download it here


might be available here at newgrounds as a demo of the new level.


Version 0.4 is also being developed and it should be available soon for my $5+ patrons.