UWXtudio v0.2 is already available to all my $5+ patrons at Patreon!


Some of the new features of the game include

-New filming location- Crania's mansion, take the action to the deck of an underworld mansion with a pool.

-New climax animations-  Make your partners cum! this version includes a climax for three animations, this adds an extra bonus to the cash you earn when you upload a video.

-Balls- Shove some balls up Crania's ass, and then pop them with the space bar

-Change her pubic hair, it includes a few pubic hair styles to add to Crania

-New animations, like footjobs and more poses.

If you're interested in supporting my job you can visit!


UWXtudio v0.1 available!

2017-01-20 20:45:46 by Matpneumatos


UWXtudio version 0.1 is already available at my games! 

New project UWXtudio

2017-01-06 23:36:15 by Matpneumatos

Hello everyone, i would like to share with you my new experimental project, since all of my games have been action oriented games, i wanted to make something different, so i made UWXtudio, a sort of "Porn Simulator" although is more like an interactive gallery. You play as Crania, a four breasted Goddess from the underworld who starts a new plan to earn some money for the underworld in time of crisis, so she starts sharing her private life and creates a porn site to upload her nasty videos.


Take control over her, use the menu to make Crania perform from many sexual actions or suggestive poses, watch her masturbating or having sex with some of her helpful friends, like Cranox a god from the underworld or a Minotaur beast though some content is exclusive to people supporting me in Patreon.

Record her actions and save her videos in your ingame computer, then you can upload the videos to Crania's website UWXtudio to earn money to solve the financial crisis, but of course you can and you should use some of that money to buy new toys and tools to explore Crania's sexuality, like dildos, anal plugs, anal pumps and more to be added later.

Customize Crania's appearance, change her hair, put some piercings on her, change her eye color, or choose some sexy lingerie, and eventually more things will come, like giving her some nices tattoos.

More information will be posted eventually at my Patreon page, Patrons who are pledging $5 or more already have access to the first version of the game, this game will be available also here on newgrounds eventually, but with some limitations.

For more information, check my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/matpneumatos

LasDiosas V0.3 available!

2016-08-07 20:07:30 by Matpneumatos


Just posting to iform that Las Diosas v0.3 is available for the general public, you can find the link at my Patreon page.


LasDiosas V0.3 available!

2016-07-08 20:51:04 by Matpneumatos



Hello guys! just posting to inform you that Las Diosas V0.3 is already available for my patrons.


and will ba available for the regular public soon, this includes a Desktop version and an online more limited version here at Newgrounds. Here are some of the new things from this version.

-Includes new levels and more elements of the game's plot

-More enemies to fight and watch at the gallery mode

-More figures to collect (Desktop version only)

-New outfits for the girls inlcuding patron exclusive ones

-A new playable girl Anaximéunlocked by cheat code for my patrons, at future versions she will be unlocked by playing story mode too.

-You can now unlock Crania by playing the story mode, cause noe she's part of the plot

New features include

-Now you can save the game in the Newgrounds version.

-New menu to take a look at the girls profiles, and get to know them better

-While pausing you can now rotate the camera to look the action from every angle, and then take a screenshot (Desktop version only)

-More Special/Sexual attacks, like Jacquelyn's Aerial drill or Crania's Milk Blast and more.


This is al for now, i hope you enjoy the new version!

Las Diosas 0.3 is complete!

2016-07-01 04:59:46 by Matpneumatos


The new version is finally complete,  it includes a couple of new levels and new elements of the plot, but mainly some new features and more special attacks, as well as enemies and sex animations, i am now doing some basic testing, to ensure that the game runs fine, so it should be available for my patrons tomorrow, and some time after that it should be available for everyone as a desktop game, and an online version at newgrounds.com

I just finished a version of "Las Diosas" that has a saving feature, the game already has a saving feature on it's desktop version but now the online version at newgrounds will feature the saving feature, it doesn't have any other new features but maybe i'll add some new animations, i'm still testing it but it should be available soon.

I'm also working on some new projects, based on the same universe, one of them is "Las Diosas RPG" (current project name) as the current name implies it is an RPG and it is inspired by Super Mario RPG, it'll feature some exploration, turn based combat, sidequests and much more, it takes place in the same world as "Las Diosas" but the game's plot will be a little different




I'm posting more screenshots at my patreon, soon i'll post more updatesa about this game

I'm also working on some other games, more like interactive 3D animations, i'll post some info about these games soon.


Las Diosas, Update

2015-11-16 02:56:14 by Matpneumatos

So i made some progress on this game's development, and it should have a small playable demo soon, well, maybe in a couple of weeks, so let's talk about the game.

So what's new?

The game resembles more to Smash Bros, since a Goddess body is almost indestructible the only way to die most of the time is by getting knocked out of the stage,  as you receive damage you can be knocked out more easily, but you shouldn't worry too much, because every character has a lot of techniques to defeat the enemies, also sex is a very important weapon in this game because having sex increases your attack power, most of the time it restores your health, and can help you destroying your enemies.


Most enemies will have interactive sex scenes, where you can decide if struggle against it to fight normally, or enjoy the scene by pressing buttons to the rythm of the sex scene, this will increase your pleasure metter which is useful to perform your sexual attacks, and if you have an orgasm your attack power will increase, also your enemies get tired after the scene ends in an orgasm, so you can take advantage of that by attacking them. 


The game's plot has been updated, and by updated i mean that it now has a plot, you can read it at this post, even if my english is not that good.



Gameplay is also simmilar to Smash Bros you have different attacks depending on your postion, if you are in the ground or in the air, and the direction you press while attacking decides the attack, so it is quite easy, but it gets more complex when you involve sexual attacks and techniques, which are super important in this game.

Most playable characters are almost ready, i have up to 7 playable girls right now, but the demo will only feature about three or four, as it is quite difficult to make animations for all of them, specially considering the sex animations, and special attacks.


This is all for now, i'll be posting more updates, and also i'll make a walkthrough of my other game "The Furry Ranch" soon, as many people have asked for that.

Working on my other game "Las Diosas"

2015-05-01 23:51:18 by Matpneumatos

"Las Diosas"

After finishing my alpha 2.0 of "The Furry Ranch" i took a little rest from my projects, and then i started to work again on my first project "Las Diosas" so i'll be taking turns on both projects. Now i basically started Las Diosas from scratch, this game is inspired by the Smash Bros series, and even if it is a "porn" or erotic game, i''ll be focusing more on gameplay than in the porn part, the game's plot is still in development but as the name implies it has something to do with goddesses (thats what "Las Diosas" means in spanish "Goddesses") now i'm working on the game's physics and mechanics as i want it to be similar to Smash Bros, and it should feature an adventure mode and a VS mode.

Each girl will feature her own special attacks that will involve some kind of sexual abbility, this may lead into some weird and sick ideas, but that's the idea of this game, you'll should also find exotic girls in this game, like girls with four breasts, amazing anal powers or some other crazy ideas.

Some screenshots i've taken so far, a demo should be posted on this site in the future, but you can find an old demo right here at my published "games" (in quotes because all of them are alphas)















That's all for now!